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Perfect for beginners and teachers alike! "MGM" ROCKS!

Okay, I've played the guitar off an on for the last 12 years or so, and have been the proud (and sometimes not-so-proud) owner of 20+ "How To" guitar manuals. To put it plainly, I wish "Metal Guitar Method" had been around when I started my guitar journey at age 13. It is a clear, concise, DETAILED manual of how to develop the technique necessary for playing metal guitar, starting with posture and hand positions and finishing with advanced, difficult songs that incorporate all of the skills taught in the individual lessons. This manual is ideal for beginners (or people who are a little bit out of practice like me!), but can be equally helpful for advanced players and teachers as well. The DVD and songs available on the website are SUPER HELPFUL!!! (I really like that I can access the songs from my smart phone and can basically practice them anywhere.) I took guitar lessons for 5 years, and I still feel inspired and challenged by this material. Definitely worth the price! I couldn't recommend this book enough, and will be on the lookout for more books by Matthias. —Dudette_Abides



For Those About To Rock...

This has been a great book for me! I started taking guitar lessons (and I had never played guitar before), and since I prefer rock and metal, my teacher recommended that I get this book. In just a few weeks, I've gotten through over half of the book, and it's really fun to play with the backing tracks on each exercise. I'd recommend this book to anyone who is just starting out and wants to play rock and metal! No more banging your head (yet!) against a wall learning "Mary Had a Little Lamb" or "Silent Night" here, folks! The beginning exercises start out sounding really good, and the book never lets up. The DVD footage could not be better, and the split screen shots are really good at showing technique for both hands. Hopefully we'll see more material from this author! —J. Schmitt



Terrific Guitar Primer!

Matthias Young's "Metal Guitar Method" is a winner. For anyone, either an aspiring metal style guitarist or plain flat-picker, there are pages and pages of solid material designed to lead a musician toward that universal goal of musical excellence. This book has many strengths, including its very well organized layout, its easily read musical excerpts, and most importantly its basis on solid musical theory concepts. The book is a serious one, but author Young keeps the tone inviting with his very creatively titled musical examples and photos of the author with instruments and even a guitar superstar! This is a guitar pedagogy book aimed at players who are serious about elevating their art, and Matthias Young has done the art form a big favor by providing an excellent tool for six string (and more!) players the world over! This book belongs on every guitar player's bookshelf. —Harry Musselwhite



Okay, you're a metal head, you want to learn to shred like the big dogs, Metal Guitar Method is where you start.

If you're a metal head like me and a beginner and you're really not interested in practicing songs like "Mary Had A Little Lamb" or "Polly Wolly Doodle", Metal Guitar Method is THE must have course. I am really enjoying working my way through this course. In my past attempts at learning guitar from books and videos I just never felt I was making much progress but with MGM I am amazing myself with the progress I am making and it really motivates me to practice. Considering all the overpriced, overhyped crapola in the guitar instruction market, this course is a real stand out and also a real bargain. So many courses take the approach of teaching you something and then move on to something else and seem to have no logical sequence of instruction and it all just never seems to tie together. This is certainly not the case with MGM. Matthias Young is a real teacher, not just some guy who can play guitar. His method builds skill upon skill in a very well paced and logical learning order and you practice those skills by learning songs composed by the author, not just practicing endless exercises. Thank you Matthias for this true gem of a course, I really wish I would have had MGM years ago.

So, a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step, stop reading reviews and add to cart NOW! —K.Lee



Not just for metal-heads,

I have the pleasure of being Matthias's in-person student, and we've been working with the material in his book for about a year now. The techniques are not just for metal-heads: if you're interested in learning how to play any flavor of rock guitar, this is a terrific book/DVD combo for the beginner. The exercises gradually build on the previous material for a thorough and fun program of learning. By the end, you'll be a much more confident and competent rocker.


The DVD is easy to follow and a great way to get close-ups of the techniques in action, and there are plenty of backing tracks and audio examples (at varying speeds) for practice. Highly recommended! —Jason

Metal Guitar Method

Metal Guitar Method guides the beginning guitarist on a journey through the art and technique of metal guitar. The easiest and most comprehensive guitar method available, this course begins with the basic fundamentals of guitar and covers topics such as Power Chords, Scales and Picking, Drop Tuning, Finger Tapping, Arpeggios and Sweep Picking, and much more!


Includes 2.5 Hour DVD!


Also Available as a Digital Download!

Book w/ DVD — $19.95


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Metal Guitar Method

Metal Guitar Method


(U.S. Only)



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