1. Lessons will recur weekly, with exceptions for official holidays and vacation time. Please view the 2017 Lesson Holiday section below.
2. If a lesson is to be missed, as a courtesy, please let your instructor know via email with a 24-hour notice. Rescheduling a lesson cannot be guaranteed, but all efforts will be made to do so when advance notice is given.
3. Students will have their own cloud-based lesson folder. This may be used when a student is going to miss a lesson. They may record a video of their current practice material, upload it, and then receive a video response typically within 2-3 days. This ensures that weekly progress may continue, even with an absence.


1. Tuition is automatically billed at a flat rate either per month, quarter, or semi-annually (whichever was selected during enrollment), regardless of the actual number of lessons taught.
2. Cancellation: A 30-day notice is required to prevent billing for the next term.
3. Refunds are only offered with quarterly and semi-annual tuition plans and will only be processed within 30 days of purchase. Refunds will not be offered on lessons already taught.

2017 Lesson Holidays:

May 26, 29
July 3-4
September 4
November 20-24
December 18-31
January 1-5 (2018)
Per year, up to 4 additional lessons may be cancelled by the instructor for possible vacation time. These potential cancellations are already included in your tuition. If more than 4 lessons are cancelled within the calendar year, a credit will be issued at the end of the year.

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