Published Works

Not only is he one of the leading educators in guitar, but Matthias is also an avid composer and author. His published works include a vast array of material, spanning from articles and books to audio and video broadcast recordings.

Metal-Guitar-Method-Matthias-YoungMetal Guitar Method—Published in 2012, this book and DVD package covers the basic concepts of playing the electric guitar along with metal-stylized backing tracks to accompany its twenty-four original songs.

Both rhythmic and melodic playing is covered, and it provides an introduction to scales, modes, and arpeggios.

Having sold thousands since its publication, Metal Guitar Method has become a standard in electric guitar education and continues to be a best-seller at Amazon.

One of several reviews from Amazon:

“If you’re a metal head like me and a beginner and you’re really not interested in practicing songs like “Mary Had A Little Lamb” or “Polly Wolly Doodle”, Metal Guitar Method is THE must have course. I am really enjoying working my way through this course. In my past attempts at learning guitar from books and videos I just never felt I was making much progress but with MGM I am amazing myself with the progress I am making and it really motivates me to practice. Considering all the overpriced, overhyped crapola in the guitar instruction market, this course is a real stand out and also a real bargain. So many courses take the approach of teaching you something and then move on to something else and seem to have no logical sequence of instruction and it all just never seems to tie together. This is certainly not the case with MGM. Matthias Young is a real teacher, not just some guy who can play guitar. His method builds skill upon skill in a very well paced and logical learning order and you practice those skills by learning songs composed by the author, not just practicing endless exercises. Thank you Matthias for this true gem of a course, I really wish I would have had MGM years ago. So, a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step, stop reading reviews and add to cart NOW!” —K. Lee


Beginning Guitar Method iBookBeginning Guitar Method—Designed for both acoustic and electric guitar students, this book is unique in that with each song, there are six different backing tracks in multiple musical styles, making this book appealing to many guitar players.

Students will gain the most from this book when used in conjunction with lessons, as this information within is a combination of both an instructional method and reference book.

Notation and tablature is included, along with colorful diagrams to aid in visual retention.

Reader quotes:

“As a beginning gutar player this book was perfect for me.”

“Matthias is a great instructor who breaks it down into very simple terms. Excellent!”

“Really hits the spot for the beginner, and even intermediate player….wonderful!!!”


Guitar-Quest-EssentialsGuitar Quest: Essentials—This guitar method covers exactly that—the essentials, the core basics of guitar playing. It’s concise and designed for students to be able to play a great many songs with only learning a few concepts.

One of several reviews:

“This primer on learning the guitar is targeted for the new or beginner guitarist. The design and layout of the book really builds upon the theme that learning guitar can be viewed as a quest Although no two guitarists quests are identical, they often include the same essential starting points. If you study this book and familiarize yourself with the contents of this guide, you will have a firm enough grasp to start you on your quest. This book covers the basic concepts of learning guitar, from the anatomy of a guitar (acoustic or electric), to how to hold a pick correctly, and proper finger placement on the neck. Then more technical (but essential) concepts such as basic chord patterns, and several types of strumming patters are included, then with these concepts under your belt, you get to where you can really start playing music. The book continues from there giving you even more critical skills and tools to allow you to play and write your own music. I can highly recommend this product to all new and beginner students and even as a reference book for the more intermediate and advanced players. The instruction is logically arranged and clearly explained. You really should let Matthias Young help you on your quest to master the guitar.”


The Fury is the creation of Matthias Young, in which he combines classical, rock, and heavy metal elements into a melodic tapestry of musical textures. Stream on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and many more!