Decatur-Guitar-LessonsMatthias is a positive and enthusiast teacher, especially for my 9 year-old son who began playing classical guitar in kindergarten from a teacher who moved away. To find a new teacher, we took trial lessons from several classical guitar teachers in the Atlanta area and found Matthias at Callanwolde. We have taken lessons from him since August 2011 and could not be more pleased. Matthias is a wonderful guitar teacher and has helped my son develop his classical repertoire tremendously in the last 6 months. He is extremely conscientious of keeping the level of interest for a child who already knows how to sight read music. —Heidi


Taking guitar lessons with Matthias has been wonderful! I wasn’t sure about the whole online guitar lesson thing, but I couldn’t find a local guitar teacher, and I wanted to really learn about the instrument, not just watch some videos on YouTube. I’ve only played for a few weeks, but it’s great—I just open up Skype, and in an hour, I feel like I’ve learned so much! I’ve been playing every day and love every minute of it! I’ll be recommending Matthias to everyone who wants to play guitar! —Marie


Atlanta-Guitar-LessonsMatthias is a great guitar teacher! I’ve taken guitar lessons from other teachers who would help me learn songs I wanted to play, but I never felt like I really knew what I was doing. I found Matthias online, and have been taking Skype guitar lessons for several months. The approach that Matthias uses has really opened up my mind and I’m thinking about the guitar in a much more musical way than just what chords to play. I highly recommend taking guitar lessons with Matthias! —Charles


I’ve thought for years about playing guitar, so I finally bought one—a red Fender Stratocaster with a little Fender practice amp. I looked online for videos and found tab for a bunch of songs, but I really had no idea what I was doing. My search for guitar lessons found Matthias, a classical guitarist who also specializes in electric guitar! We started working through his book, Metal Guitar Method, and I’m amazed at how much I’m improving with every lesson! He’s really been working with me on how to discipline myself to practice efficiently, and I’m hoping soon to get some recording gear and start writing music! Best Guitar Teacher! —William


Best-Guitar-LessonsI first met Matthias through a class offered by Emory for beginners and I’ve been taking private lessons from him ever since! Matthias has a unique way of blending the foundational skills needed to really learn how to play the guitar while keeping the student motivated. I love the way Matthias can help the student learn fret board logic on one hand and at the same time, teach them to rip out a Journey song. In this way, the student is learning to play the guitar, not just learning to play songs. On top of that, he’s a genuinely good guy! If you haven’t found a coach yet, you couldn’t go wrong with Matthias. If you already have a coach but aren’t making the progress you thought, get Matthias on your team! —Dan


I started taking lessons with Matthias in January (2012), after a few years of wanting to learn how to play but never finding the right teacher. He has definite knack for teaching the guitar that has made me stick to learning it at last, and he explains things clearly with the perfect blend of showing you things in and out of the book and explaining things verbally as well. He is patient, enthusiastic, and the perfect level of encouraging. You can tell that he is doing what he loves, and that passion rubs off on you when learning an instrument. I would recommend him to anyone of any age or level, and with any type of goals or style of learning. He is also accommodating to scheduling classes at times that have fit my impossible hospital schedule. Payments are easy, and prices are very fair. There is nothing bad to say about Matthias! You won’t regret seeking out lessons with him. —Melissa


My first lesson with Matthias was through an Emory Continuing Education class for beginner guitar lessons. I was very impressed with his teaching abilities and thought I could progress faster with private lessons. His enthusiasm and positive spirit made lessons always fun. While I still have much to learn, I think that his lessons will give me something to work on as I continue to learn guitar in the future. Unfortunately, I am moving away for school otherwise I would have definitely continued guitar lessons with him. Also, Matthias is willing to accommodate students by providing in-home lessons, which was a plus for me as I didn’t have to deal with Atlanta traffic. —Linh


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